Coffee Chats

Brewed Daily

''If you don't use it, you lose it.'' -Fluency

Practice, practice, practice. The most important aspect to learning,
wherever you are in the world. Improve through speaking even if you cannot personally immerse yourself in the culture of an English-speaking country.

Join our laid-back classes of Coffee Chats whenever you'd like! Daily topics and themes are discussed at regular hours. Wanting to casual talk with other students? Please do!

Our sessions open up 30 minutes beforehand and end 30 afterwards so you have time to warm up and time to finish all your engaging conversations with other students.

ELTC Coffee Chats is a Student's Best Friend!

80% of students stay subscribed to ☕Chats classes after finishing their Fluency courses.

Sign up for unlimited coffee chats classes for only $14USD // €12 monthly

Signing up for any of our language courses (Intensive // Moderate // IntroBasics) gives you one month of Coffee Chats free!