Our story Begins

in 1992

Edmonton, Canada

''Everyone starts somewhere. Our where is home.''

From a small translation business into a flourishing Language training company, ELTC grew due to the creativity of the dedicated founders and the passion of energetic employees.

Shameless Self Promotion:

Learning from home is a great place to start. With no travel, you save money for other things, things like quality language classes!

How Our Teachers
Engage With You

Knowing how to be students is essential to teaching. Hence, ELTC teachers are the best for 1-to-1 tutoring, Coffee Chats, or hosting classes.

Why? We are patient, friendly, and compassionate people who are there for you at all levels, every step of the way.

How? We focus on learning to learn, using the most effective memory skills, and helping you be your best.

Endgoal: You are confident, reaching your target fluency, and continuing to learn after our classes!

Honest Note: Paying for professional education will get you farther, faster than 95% of people who try to learn alone.