Private Classes

Perfect Tutoring

Personalized for every possible scenario. Our classic course modules are out the window! We aim to fit your needs.

Powerful 1-on-1

Our 1-On-1 Tutoring begins with evaluating your current fluency level, weaknesses, and strengths. We then produce an education plan best suited to engage your learning style so you achieve fluency faster.

1 Free Class with Fluency Course!

Small, Agile Group

Usually these 2-5 people group classes are for additional education to maximize and capitalize on what they are presently studying. Some students in the Fluency Courses take Tutoring Classes to maximize their learning and jump ahead in class.

Premium Private

Families, Buisinesses, and Tour Groups are all benefactors of our Private Tutoring Classes. Providing you with fast, efficient, and, most of all, fun learning style we are serious about your goals and cater to the needs of each individual in the class.